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Name: Apiones
Place: U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa)
Century: AD05 AD06 AD07
Begin: AD 400
End: AD 699
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 313
↳ certain: 292
↳ uncertain: 21
↳ erroneous:
Type: family archive
Protagonist: Apiones family
Description: Found by Grenfell and Hunt in Oxyrynchos on March 18 and 19, 1897, probably in mound 11 of the map in P. Oxy. 50, 1983, p. vii.
Studies: Hardy, The large estates of Byzantine Egypt, 1968, p. 25-38 ; Mazza, L'archivio degli Apioni, 2001; Sarris, Economy and society in the age of Justinian, 2006, passim; Hickey, Economic decision making and fiscal participation in late antique Egypt. The Apion estate at Oxyrhynchus (AfP Beiheft 22), 2009; Azzarello, Neue Papyruszeugnisse zur Apionenfamilie, in Strobel / Lafer (ed.), Von Noricum nach Ägypten: Eine Reise durch die Welt der Antike, 2007, p. 251-261; Azzarello, Pap. Congr. XXV (Michigan 2007), 2010, p. 33-46
Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 260 no. 90; Seidl, Rechtsgeschichte Ägyptens als römischer Provinz, 1973, p. 70 no. 3.2
Work: For more information contact Roberta Mazza (
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