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Flavius Taurinos son of Plousammon

Name: Flavius Taurinos son of Plousammon
Variants: Flavius Taurinus son of Plousammon; Flavius Taurinos and Flavius Sarapodoros; Flavius Taurinus and Flavius Sarapodorus; Flavius Johannes son of Taurinos
Place: U15 - Hermopolis (El-Ashmunein)
Century: AD05 AD06
Begin: AD 400
End: AD 699
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 78
↳ certain: 61
↳ uncertain: 17
↳ erroneous:
Type: private family archive (4 generations)
Protagonist: Taurinos I and his descendants and Flavius Sarapodoros. Flavius Taurinos son of Plousammon was a soldier of the numerus Maurorum in Lykopolis, who made a career in the army, and retired as a primicerius before 457. His son Flavius Iohannes made a career in the administration as secretary and later primicerius and considerably expanded the landed property of his father. The grandson Taurinos II was a scrinarius and later priest of the church in Hermopolis. He owned two houses, an acacia plantation, a vineyard and at least 31 arourai of other agricultural land. Flavius Sarapodoros son of Hermogenes lived from 410 to about 485-498. His sister Aurelia Eucharistia survived him until 498. Sarapodoros was an official in the office of the dux Thebaidis, belonging to the agentes in rebus. He was often absent on mission and then his sister acted in his place.
Description: The papyri have all been found in Hermopolis on a single day, January 27 1905. The papers belong to two families, which were probably linked by marriage and in this way they constitute a single archive. They deal with four generations. Some literary texts found on the same occasion were probably part of the library of one of the two families.
Studies: Maehler, BGU 12, 1974, Introduction, p. XIX-XXVI; Palme, Flavius Sarapodorus, AfP 40 (1994), p. 43-68; Maehler, Gaia. Revue interdisciplinaire sur la Grèce archaïque 3 (1998), p. 83-86
Collections: Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum
Jena, Universität
Vienna, Nationalbibliothek