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Pibouchis son of Peteesis

Name: Pibouchis son of Peteesis
Place: U04a - Hermonthis (Armant)
Century: AD01
Begin: AD 48
End: AD 69
Language/script: bilingual: Greek and Demotic
Material: ostraca
Texts: 17
↳ certain: 17
↳ uncertain: 0
↳ erroneous:
Type: receipts for logeia in the temple
Protagonist: Pibouchis alias Peteharnouphis son of Peteesis
Description: Receipts for the logeia of Isis and Bouchis in the temple of Hermonthis, paid by Pibouchis to the prophet of Isis.
Studies: Spiegelberg, ZÄS 54 (1918), p. 116-120; BL 9, 1995, p. 410 (provenance)
Collections: Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum