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Name: Dioskoros
Variants: Flavius Dioskoros and Sophia
Place: U10a - Aphrodito (Kom Ishgau)
Century: AD06
Begin: AD 400
End: AD 799
Language/script: bilingual: Greek, Coptic and 8 bilingual Greek-Lat
Material: papyrus
Texts: 568
↳ certain: 554
↳ uncertain: 14
↳ erroneous:
Type: private archive (including contracts and poems written by the notary Dioskoros and his personal library)
Protagonist: Flavius Dioskoros son of Apollos was a landlord and notary in Aphrodito, but also a poet, and owner of a library, which included i.a. a codex of Menander (TM 61596 = LDAB 2745). Perhaps the papyri dealing with Phoibammon son of Triadelphos should be considered a separate archive (cf. Fournet, Pap. Congr. XXII (Firenze 1998), 2001, p. 475 n. 2).
Description: 680 texts: 63 (para)literary [62 Greek, 1 Greek-Coptic] and 617 documents [577 Greek, 40 Coptic]; contracts, petitions, letters, accounts, receipts, poems. For literary papyri in the archive, <a href=””>click here</a>.
Studies: Maltz, Studi Calderini e Paribeni, 1957, p. 345-356, with a full list of texts (no. 30, which is indicated as P. Erl. 55, should be P. Erl. 41 (with inv. no. 55)); MacCoull, CdE 56 (1981), p. 185-193, on the Coptic papyri; Verbeeck in Pestman, Familiearchieven uit het land van Pharao, 1989, p. 46-69; Daris, Due note a papiri Palau-Ribes, Emerita 64 (1996), p. 289; Fournet, Hellénisme dans l'Égypte du VIe siècle (MIFAO 115), 1999; Fournet, Les archives de Dioscore d’Aphrodité cent ans après leur découverte, Paris 2008 (with a list p. 307-343); Wispzycka, Moines et communautés monastiques, JJP Suppl. 11 (2009), p. 87-88. For publication of the inedited Coptic papyri, cf. Fournet, Pap. Congr. XXII (Firenze 1998), 2001, p. 483 - 484. Online presentation on Dioskoros and Kom Ishqaw by Kuehn:
Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 260 no. 86-87; Seidl, Rechtsgeschichte Ägyptens als römischer Provinz, 1973, p. 66 no. 1.25
Work: Most Coptic texts are still unpublished. For new Greek and Coptic papyri, see Fournet, Les archives de Dioscore d’Aphrodité cent ans après leur découverte, 2008.
Collections: Alexandria, Graeco-Roman Museum<br>Ann Arbor, Michigan University, Library<br>Assiut, Private collection Beaugé<br>Baltimore, Walters Art Museum<br>Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum<br>Cairo, Coptic Museum<br>Cairo, Egyptian Museum<br>Cologne, Papyrussammlung<br>Erlangen, Universität<br>Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana<br>Florence, Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli'<br>Geneva, Bibliothèque<br>Ghent, University<br>Hamburg, Bibliothek<br>London, British Library<br>Princeton, University Library<br>Rome, Vatican, Biblioteca del Vaticano<br>St Petersburg, Hermitage Museum<br>St Petersburg, Paleographical Museum of the Science Academy<br>Strasbourg, Bibliothèque Nationale<br>Tbilisi, Kekelidze Institut