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Land-registers of the Herakleopolites

Name: Land-registers of the Herakleopolites
Place: U20 - Herakleopolites
Century: BC02 BC01
Begin: BC 150
End: BC 70
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 19
↳ certain: 19
↳ uncertain: 0
↳ erroneous:
Type: archive of an official nature: official archive
Description: Land-registers (BGU 14 2436-2450), cheques, accounts, list of tax arrears, return. All papyri come from the Herakleopolites in the first century BC, most from the eighties BC (cf. Falivene, Herakleopolite nome p. 22-23
Studies: BGU 14, 1980, p. vi (for the archaeological context of the find)
Work: The list here is only preliminary and includes also other Herakleopolitan administrative documents than the land registers BGU 14 2436-2450. A thorough study could bring along modifications to this public archive. BGU 14 2401-2416 are direct parallels to the contemporary orders for payment published in AncSoc 6 (1975), p. 79 and one should investigate their connection.
Collections: Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum