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Epagathos estate manager of Lucius Bellienus Gemellus

Name: Epagathos estate manager of Lucius Bellienus Gemellus
Variants: Lucius Bellienus Gemellus, Epagathos
Place: 00b - Euhemeria (Qasr el-Banat)
Century: AD01 AD02
Begin: AD 94
End: AD 110
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 51
↳ certain: 38
↳ uncertain: 13
↳ erroneous:
Type: private business archive (one generation)
Protagonist: Lucius Bellienus Gemellus, born in AD 32, settled after his career as a legionary in the Arsinoites village Aphrodites Berenikes Polis. He owns several fields, especially in the neighbourhood of Euhemereia, where his estate manager Epagathos administers his fields.
Description: 83 certain documents (28 are only described and 33 are still unpublished), 3 uncertain, 1 related. Of the 50 published/described documents, eight have been discovered with the other texts of the archive, but their link with the archive is unclear. The 42 other documents consist of 35 letters, three contracts and four accounts.
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