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Ostraca from a cellar in Philadelpheia

Name: Ostraca from a cellar in Philadelpheia
Variants: Kleitorios
Place: 00a - Philadelpheia (Gharabet el-Gerza)
Century: BC03 BC02
Begin: BC 210
End: BC 187
Language/script: bilingual: Greek and 1 bilingual Greek-Demotic
Material: ostraca
Texts: 68
↳ certain: 68
↳ uncertain: 0
↳ erroneous:
Type: archive of a private nature: professional archive
Description: These 68 ostraca were found in the outer corner of a cellar in Philadelpheia (excavation spot IX in building block C7 on the map in BGU 7, 1926, pl. 1). BGU 7 1500-1548 are in the same handwriting.
Studies: BGU 7, 1926, p. 1-64; Pordomingo, in Del Corso / Pecere (ed.), Libri di scuola e pratiche didattiche. Convegno Cassino, 2010, p. 52-55
Lists: Seidl, Ptolemäische Rechtsgeschichte, 1962, p. 43 no. 22
Collections: Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum