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Strategios Paneuphemos

Name: Strategios Paneuphemos
Place: U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa)
Century: AD06 AD07 AD08
Begin: AD 500
End: AD 725
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 16
↳ certain: 16
↳ uncertain: 0
↳ erroneous:
Type: archive of a private nature: private archive
Protagonist: Flavius Strategios Paneuphemos, active in the Arsinoites, Herakleopolites and Oxyrynchites
Description: More than 30 documents mentioning Strategios Paneuphemos are found in several places in the Arsinoites and in Oxyrynchos. Not clear whether indeed an archive.
Studies: Palme, Chiron 27 (1997), p. 95-125
Collections: Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum
London, British Library
Paris, Louvre
Vienna, Nationalbibliothek
Vienna, Private collection Graf
Note: Related text belonging to the archive of Kyrillos (389): Stud. Pal. 8 1072