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Gemellus Horion

Name: Gemellus Horion
Variants: Gaius Iulius Niger; Gaius Iulius Apollinarius; Apolinarius; Apolonarius; Gaius Gemellus Horigenes; Horigenes; Gemellus alias Horion
Place: 00a - Karanis (Kom Aushim)
Century: AD01 AD02 AD03
Begin: AD 93
End: AD 214
Language/script: Greek
Material: papyrus
Texts: 37
↳ certain: 28
↳ uncertain: 9
↳ erroneous:
Type: archive of a private nature: family archive (3 generations)
Protagonist: Gaius Iulius Niger is a veteran of the ala veterana Gallica, living in Karanis. His archive is first taken over by his son Gaius Apollinarius Niger and afterwards by his grandson Gemellus alias Horion. Both Iulius Niger, Apollinarius Niger and Horion are Antinoitai and Niger was certainly a Roman. The family owns fields in the neighbourhood of Karanis and at least four houses, seven courtyards and shares in five other houses.
Description: 11 petitions, 8 tax receipts, 3 declarations to officials (of which one census return), 2 documents of a house-archive, 1 birth certificate, 1 official letter, 1 epikris-document, [1 "reused document"]
Studies: P. Mich. 6, 1944, p. 117-119; Biezunska Malowist, Eos 49 (1957), p. 155-164; Alston, Soldier and society in Roman Egypt, 1995, p. 129-132
Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 255 no. 49; Seidl, Rechtsgeschichte Ägyptens als römischer Provinz, 1973, p. 62 no. 1.10
Collections: Ann Arbor, Michigan University, Library
Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum
Cairo, Egyptian Museum
Note: Related text from the archive of the Demosia bibliotheke of Karanis (63): P. Mich. 4 225