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Egypt, 00b? - ....iou Kome?
Egypt, 00a - A.t....
Egypt, 00? - Agrariou
Egypt, 00a - Alabanthis
Egypt, 00b - Alexandrou Nesos
Egypt, 00b - Amminon Epoikion
Egypt, 00a - Ammonias
Egypt, 00a - Amyntaiou Epoikion
Egypt, 00b - Andromachis
Egypt, 00b? - Ankonos Chorion
Egypt, 00 - Anoges Chorion
Egypt, 00b - Anoubias
Egypt, 00b? - Aphoiotos Kome
Egypt, 00a - Aphrodites Berenikes Polis
Egypt, 00c - Aphroditopolis
Egypt, 00b - Apias
Egypt, 00b - Apollonias
Egypt, 00c - Apollonopolis
Egypt, 00b - Archelais
Egypt, 00c - Areos Kome
Egypt, 00b - Argeas
Egypt, 00c - Aristarchou Nesos
Egypt, 00 - Arphokra
Egypt, 00b - Arsinoe epi tou zeugmatos
Egypt, 00a - Arsinoe kat' Ammoniada
Egypt, 00b - Athenas Kome
Egypt, 00a - Athribis
Egypt, 00 - Atreitou Kome
Egypt, 00a - Attinou Isieion
Egypt, 00 - At[.].ou Epoikion
Egypt, 00c? - Auniaine
Egypt, 00b - Autodike
Egypt, 00a - Bakchias (Kom el-Atl)
Egypt, 00 - Baocha
Egypt, 00 - Belou Epoikion
Egypt, 00b - Berenikis Aigialou
Egypt, 00c - Berenikis Thesmophorou
Egypt, 00a - Boubastos
Egypt, 00b - Boukolon Kome
Egypt, 00c - Bousiris
Egypt, 00a - Chairemonos Epoikion
Egypt, 00b? - Chairemonos Mikra
Egypt, 00b - Chalkorychia
ghost name, Charis
Egypt, 00c - Dikaiou Nesos
Egypt, 00a - Dinneos Koite
Egypt, 00? - Diokleous Kome
Egypt, 00b - Dionysias (Qasr Qarun)
Egypt, 00b? - Doulou Primou
Egypt, 00a - Drymos Philadelpheias