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Arsinoites (Fayum)
Egypt - Arsinoites (Fayum) (00)

GEO ID: 332
Name: Arsinoites
Greek name: Ἀρσινοίτης - Σουχου Νόμος
Latin name: Arsinoites - Crocodilopolites
Egyptian name: pȝ tš n ȝrsynȝ
Coptic name:
Modern name: Fayum
Variant names: Arsinoites - Krokodilopolites - Souchou Nomos ('nomos of (the god) Souchos / Sobek') - Fayum
Ethnic: Arsinoites (Arsinoitis) - Arsinoitikos
Region (3rd c. BC): 00
Egyptian Nome:
Provincia (ca. 200 AD): Aegyptus
Other adm. affiliation:
Status: district: nomos; tesh; pagarchia
Country: Egypt
Modern region:
Identification: cf. also 00d Krokodilopolis (Medinet el-Fayum) (327); 00 Limne (Fayum) (1255)
Pleiades: 736893
Geonames: 0
Bibliography: Vandorpe, Geografische elementen, 1988, p. 33; Kruit / Worp, AfP 46 (2000), p. 98-99; CDD T, 2012, p. 298
Maps: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 75 D2
Notes: the name Arsinoites is for the first time attested in BC 259; the ethnicon Arsinoites refers to the nomos, not to the city of Arsinoe (a name only used from the Roman period on); new reading in P. Dime 3 9 (= SB 18 13579), Gr. 2 (no toponym); new reading in P. Bodl. 1 15, 10 (no toponym; cf. BL 12, p. 40)

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