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Chambers, Athenaion politeia (Chambers)
= Kenyon, Aristotle. On the constitution of Athens (Kenyon, Frederic G.)
= P. Lond. Lit. 108 (Milne, H. J. M.)
[= P. Lond. 1 p. XIX no. 131 Vo descr. (Kenyon, Frederic G.)]

TM nr: 59294
LDAB id: 391
Catalogues: Mertens-Pack 0163
Publication: Chambers, Athenaion politeia (Chambers; 1986; transcription, translation)

Other publications: P. Lond. Lit. 108 (Milne, H. J. M.; 1927; )

P. Lond. 1 p. XIX no. 131 Vo descr. (Kenyon, Frederic G.; 1893; )

Kenyon, Aristotle. On the constitution of Athens (Kenyon, Frederic G.; 1891; transcription, image)

Authorname: Aristoteles
Book: Athenaion Politeia (res publica Atheniensium)
Attested Authors: Aristoteles, Athenaion Politeia (1. Direct attestation)
Provenance: Egypt, U15 - Moirai (Meir) [found]
Egypt [written]
Inventory: London, British Library Pap 131 Vo [1]
Century: AD01
Date: AD 1 - 99
Material: papyrus
Bookform: roll (4 rolls)
Recto-verso: Vo
Reuse: other texts on the papyrus are:
 : SB 8 9699
P. Lond. 1 p. 189-191 no. 131*
Chambers, Athenaion politeia
P. Lond. Lit. 181
van Herwerden / van Leeuwen, Athenaion Politeia p. 180-185
Columns: 36
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Greek
Script_type: three documentary hands and one uncial
Culture: literature
Genre: prose, history
Religion: classical
Stud Paleo Gr: cf. E. Turner, Typology of the Codex (1977), p. 82 and G. Bastinanini, Pap. Lup. 4 (1995), p. 32-36; G. B. D'Alessio, ZPE 134 (2001), p. 37-38; provenance : A. Martin, H. Weil, ZPE 139 (2002), p. 22-26
Stud Literature: G. Maddoli, L'Athenaion politeia di Aristotele 1891-1991, Perugia 1994
Photo: Facsimile edition by Kenyon 1891; Turner-Parsons, Greek Manuscripts no.60; R.Seider, Paläogr. griech. Papyri II.2, pl.XV.29; B.Legras, Lire en Egypte d'Alexandre à l'Islam, 2002, p.144; W.A.Johnson, Bookrolls and scribes in Oxyrynchus (2004), pl.14; G. Cavallo, La scrittura greca e latina dei papiri, 2008, p. 60 [37]; C. Méla - F. Möri, Alexandrie la divine (2014), I fig. 26, p. 153; II p. 1031
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