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PSI 13 1296 (Mercati, Giovanni)
= Naldini, Documenti dell'antichità cristiana 23 & 30 descr. (Naldini, Mario)

TM nr: 61688
LDAB id: 2839
Catalogues: Van Haelst 0567 + 0629
Nestle-Aland 0229
Publication: PSI 13 1296 (Mercati, Giovanni; 1953; transcription)

Other publications: Naldini, Documenti dell'antichità cristiana 23 & 30 descr. (Naldini, Mario; 1965; image)

Authorname: New Testament, Johannes evang.; Basilius Caesarensis
Book: Apocalypse 18.16-19.6; conversation of Gregorius and Basilius with title; calendar text: list of Egyptian months
Attested Authors: Testamentum Novum, Iohannes (Greek), Liber Apocalypsis 18.16-19.6 (1. Direct attestation)
Provenance: Egypt, U15 - Antinoopolis (El-Sheikh Ibada) [found & written]
Inventory: Florence, Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli' PSI inv. 2462
(inventory number courtesy PSI online database)
= Florence, Istituto Papirologico 'G. Vitelli' PSI 1296 [palimpsest new]
Century: AD07 AD08
Date: AD 600 - 799 (cf. Cavallo / Maehler and Turner, Typology, p. 129)
Material: parchment
Bookform: codex (4 fol. = 2 bifol.), palimpsest, upper script
Recto-verso: Ro/Vo
Reuse: palimpsest new, old text is:
 : Le Muséon 59 (1946), p. 506 descr.
Columns: 1
Pagination: 0
Language/script: Greek
Script_type: sloping pointed majuscule
Culture: literature, science
Genre: prose, bible, apocalyptic; patrology, dialogue; chronology, calendar
Religion: christian
Stud Paleo Gr:
Stud Literature:
Photo: PSI 13 pl.I; Norsa, Scritt. Lett. Greca, pl.18b; M. Naldini, Documenti dell'antichità cristiana, no.23 + 30; G. Cavallo, Ricerche sulla maiuscola biblica (1967), pl.110; G. Cavallo - H.Maehler, Greek Bookhands, pl.28b; L.del Francia Barocas, Antinoe cent' anni dopo no. 125
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