Help us!

As stated above (read more about this...), a lot of work remains to be done in Trismegistos People. We would greatly appreciate your help, in any way.

Checking and correcting

If you are working on a specific text, you could confirm that personal names listed for that text are correct, in the reading of the edition and the Berichtigungliste, or, if not, inform us of the remaining typos and other errors.

Please note, however, that we at this stage we do not include author’s corrections such as new readings. For Greek papyri, these should be published through the traditional channels or through the SoSOL editor in the Papyrological Navigator.

Adding names

For the texts in phase 0 and phase 1 (read more on this...) we would greatly appreciate it if you help us with the data processing. We have developed a system to add missing names for specific texts, and would be particularly happy if people could use this to enter all missing names in a text. For Greek documentary texts in Duke, however, those volunteering to add the post AD 500-texts and recently added material should contact us to discuss alternatives.

Financial aid

Should you enjoy using Trismegistos People and appreciate that it comes to you absolutely free rather than through an expensive subscription, you can support us financially. By simply donating to the project you become a Friend of Trismegistos People, allowing us to keep the website up to date and to further improve it.
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For Belgian residents, a donation of 40 euro or more is tax deductable.