Seals and Stamps
from Graeco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt

About this website

This website provides detailed information on seals and stamps found on papyri and on other objects from Greco-Roman and Byzantine Egypt. The information may be consulted in different ways through this portal:

an online database

in lists of all seals/stamps and full-text articles (see Lists & Overview)

in an extensive bibliography on the subject.

Words of thank

I am greatly indebted to prof. W. Clarysse, who collected information on seals for several years before I started in 1990. Bart Van Beek made my wish true to have all my information on seals online.
Furthermore, I should like to thank several people who provided information on seals: P.-H. Allioux, C.A.R. Andrews, R.S. Bagnall, M.-Fr. Boussac, A. den Brinker, R. Haensch, D. Hagedorn, H. Harrauer, F.A.J. Hoogendijk, C.A. Hope, T.S. Pattie, P.W. Pestman, G. Poethke, M. Manfredi, C.J. Martin, R. Pintaudi, J. Quaegebeur, F. Ribbens, A. Verhoogt, S.P. Vleeming and Herr Zachmann. I am particularly grateful to K.A. Worp for his substantial input.

Katelijn Vandorpe
Leuven-Heverlee, 2010

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