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BGU 14 2377 (Brashear, William Matt)

Trismegistos nr: 3997
Publication: BGU 14 2377 (Brashear, William Matt; 1980)
Inventory: Berlin, Staatliche Museen P. 25232
Other inventory nrs:
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Material: papyrus
Material form:
Reuse type:
Reuse detail:
Reuse note:
Language/script: Greek
Language detail:
Provenance: Egypt, U20 - Herakleopolis (Ihnasya el-Medina) [found & written]
Provincia: Aegyptus
Date: BC 35 Feb 28 - Mar 29 (K7 (EP), year 17 = 02, Artemisios = Phamenoth)
Seal: 0
Note: from cartonnage; duplicate: BGU 14 2376
Attested Authors:
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