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Golénischeff, Papyrus hiératiques (CGC) 58014 p. 66-68 (Golénischeff, Wladimir)
= Smith, Traversing eternity p. 511-513 no. 31 (Smith, Mark J.)
= Short Texts 3 1998 (Vleeming, Sven P.)
[= Lieblein, Que mon nom fleurisse p. 22-23 no. 10 & pl. 34-36 (Lieblein, Jens)]

Trismegistos nr: 57836
Publication: Golénischeff, Papyrus hiératiques (CGC) 58014 p. 66-68 (Golénischeff, Wladimir; 1927)
Inventory: Cairo, Egyptian Museum CG 58014
Other inventory nrs: formerly Giza, Museum 18019
Related inv. inf.:
Material: papyrus
Material form:
Reuse type:
Reuse detail:
Reuse note:
Language/script: bilingual: Hieratic / Demotic
Language detail: Hieratic text with Demotic note for placement (Vo, line 2: 'his head')
Provenance: Egypt, U04b - Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west) (?) [found & written]
Provincia: Aegyptus
Date: AD 50 - 150
Seal: 0
Attested Authors:
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