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» 11 examples of this abbreviation cluster in Latin inscriptions:

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Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated words cluster TM Text Date Provenance Context Other clusters Full text
Ppatris596879BC02 - AD08Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
Ppatris549367AD01Italy, Campania - Salernum (Salerno)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris543871AD03Italy, Latium - OstiaCombined withEDCS
Ppatris526453BC02 - AD01Italy, Campania - PompeiiCombined withEDCS
Ppatris440466BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Nemausus (Nîmes)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris280247AD01Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
Ppatris254182AD02Italy, Campania - Puteoli (Pozzuoli)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris244979AD06Italy, Apulia - Venusia (Venosa)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris244979AD06Italy, Apulia - Venusia (Venosa)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris201571BC02 - AD08Libya, Africa - Leptis Magna (Khoms)Combined withEDCS
Ppatris185894AD01Croatia, Illyricum - Corinium (Gornji Karin)Combined withEDCS