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» 20 examples of this abbreviation cluster in Latin inscriptions:

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Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated words cluster TM Text Date Provenance Context Other clusters Full text
PPio597316AD03 - AD04Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
Ppio514116AD01 - AD03Italy, MontemaranoCombined withEDCS
PPio385536BC02 - AD08Turkey, AhibozCombined withEDCS
PPio385529BC02 - AD08Turkey, Phrygia - Yuva KöyCombined withEDCS
Ppio364111BC02 - AD08Tunisia, Africa - Henchir BouibetCombined withEDCS
Ppio361191BC02 - AD08Algeria, Africa - Henchir TebagaCombined withEDCS
Ppio350308BC02 - AD08Tunisia, Africa - Bordj el-AmriCombined withEDCS
PPio347535BC02 - AD08Tunisia, Africa - Mactaris (Makthar)Combined withEDCS
Ppio346458BC02 - AD08Algeria, Numidia - Calama (Guelma)Combined withEDCS
PPio328214BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Draa el-HammamCombined withEDCS
PPio242602BC02 - AD08Spain, Hispania - MontijoCombined withEDCS
PPio240194BC02 - AD08Spain, Hispania - Turmulus (Garrovillas de Alconétar)Combined withEDCS
Ppio232606BC02 - AD08Spain, Hispania - JéricaCombined withEDCS
Ppio228918AD01 - AD03Spain, Hispania - Castulo (Linares)Combined withEDCS
PPio198134BC02 - AD08Syria, Bostra (Bosra), nearCombined withEDCS
PPio193957AD02Hungary, Pannonia - RácalmásCombined withEDCS
PPio193957AD02Hungary, Pannonia - RácalmásCombined withEDCS
PPio179934AD03Romania, Dacia - Tibiscum (Caransebeş)Combined withEDCS
PPio175455AD03Italy, Sardinia - Hafa (Mores)Combined withEDCS
PPio155250AD02United Kingdom, Britannia - Verteris (Brough under Stainmore)Combined withEDCS