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» 9 examples of this abbreviation cluster in Latin inscriptions:

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Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated words cluster TM Text Date Provenance Context Other clusters Full text
Pponendum487572BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Lugdunum (Lyon)Combined withEDCS
Pponendum487511BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Lugdunum (Lyon)Combined withEDCS
Pponendum462686BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Divodurum (Metz)Combined withEDCS
Pponendum439859BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Saint-Hippolyte-de-CatonCombined withEDCS
Pponendum438749BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - AndancetteCombined withEDCS
Pponendum424723BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Andematunum (Langres)Combined withEDCS
Pponendum414272Combined withEDCS
Pponendum406041BC02 - AD08Hungary, Pannonia - Aquincum (Budapest)Combined withEDCS
Pponendum210577AD02 - AD03Germany, Gallia - Mogontiacum (Mainz)Combined withEDCS