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» 7 examples of this abbreviation cluster in Latin inscriptions:

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Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated words cluster TM Text Date Provenance Context Other clusters Full text
Ppublice549370AD01Italy, Campania - Salernum (Salerno)Combined withEDCS
Ppublice538706BC02 - AD03Italy, Latium - Fundi (Fondi)Combined withEDCS
Ppublice476040BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Elusa (√Čauze)Combined withEDCS
Ppublice447846BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Dea Augusta (Die)Combined withEDCS
Ppublice356968BC02 - AD08Tunisia, Africa - M[ ] CivitasCombined withEDCS
Ppublice282275BC02 - AD08Italy, Samnium - Pagus Frent[ ] (Picenze)Combined withEDCS
Ppublice207557AD02Switzerland, Gallia - Octodurus (Martigny)Combined withEDCS