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Latin abbreviations

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» 39 examples of this abbreviation cluster in Latin inscriptions:

All attestations for this combination (for the components, go via "Combined with")
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated words cluster TM Text Date Provenance Context Other clusters Full text
VALERValerius594097AD03Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius594080BC02 - AD08Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius570832AD03Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius557899AD02Italy, Venetia - VeronaCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius525357BC02 - AD01Italy, Campania - PompeiiCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius525357BC02 - AD01Italy, Campania - PompeiiCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius525357BC02 - AD01Italy, Campania - PompeiiCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius501463BC02 - AD08Italy, Transpadana - Augusta Praetoria (Aosta)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius501435BC02 - AD08Italy, Transpadana - ChâtillonCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius498678BC02 - AD08Italy, Picenum - Cupra Maritima (Cupra Marittima)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius491790BC02 - AD08Italy, Sicilia - Panormos (Palermo)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius484638BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Lugdunum (Lyon)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius440827BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Nemausus (Nîmes)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius438822BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Vienna (Vienne)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius438184BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Arausio (Orange)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius432858BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - Arelate (Arles)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius424050BC02 - AD08Switzerland, Gallia - Noviodunum (Nyon)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius396643Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius386463BC02 - AD08Israel, Palestina - Hierosolyma (Jerusalem)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius340637BC02 - AD08Algeria, Mauretania - Tizi RachedCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius328349BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - El-GerriaCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius323626BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Lambaesis (Tazoult-Lambèse)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius322405BC02 - AD07Algeria, Numidia - Lambaesis (Tazoult-Lambèse)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius281417AD01Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius279248AD03Italy, Latium - RomeCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius253695AD02Italy, Campania - Monte di ProcidaCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius253695AD02Italy, Campania - Monte di ProcidaCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius234864BC02 - AD08Spain, Hispania - Saguntum (Sagunto)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius222195BC02 - AD08Spain, Hispania - Soricaria (Castro del Río)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius207777BC02 - AD08France, Gallia - ChamiersCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius204242AD03 - AD04Algeria, Numidia - Tipasa (Tifech), nearCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius198730AD03Syria, Apameia (Qala'at el-Medik)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius193727AD04 - AD08Serbia, Moesia - KostolacCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius192270AD02Romania, Thracia - Troesmis (Igliţa-Turcoaia)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius192251AD02 - AD03Romania, Thracia - Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius190936AD03Bulgaria, Thracia - Byala SlatinaCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius185641AD02Croatia, Illyricum - VrgoracCombined withEDCS
VALERValerius179990AD02Romania, Dacia - Alburnus Maior (Roşia Montană)Combined withEDCS
VALERValerius121442AD01 - AD03Greece, Thracia - PhilippoiCombined withEDCS