The abbreviation cluster AUG F for Augusti filii occurs 21 times.

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All solutions for the abbreviation cluster AUG F
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated word cluster Frequency
AUG F Augusti filio 121
AUG F Augusti filius 72
AUG F Augusti filii 21
AUG F Augusti filiae 5
AUG F Augusta fecit 3
AUG F Augustae fecit 3
AUG F Augustae filiae 2
AUG F Augustalis fecit 2
AUG F Augustae Fabius 1
AUG F Augusti facto 1
AUG F Augusti flaminis 1
AUG F Augusto filio 1
AUG F Augusto Fulvius 1
AUG F Augustus filio 1
AUG F Augustus filius 1