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The abbreviation cluster COS for consulis occurs 434 times.

Click here for a list of all attestations.

All solutions for the abbreviation cluster COS
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated word cluster Frequency
COS consulibus 3861
COS consul 2076
COS consuli 1858
COS consule 573
COS consulis 434
COS consularis 63
COS consules 51
COS consulari 20
COS consulem 19
COS consulum 15
COS consulatu 13
COS Cos 10
COS consulatum 6
COS consulare 4
COS castris 1
COS consui 1
COS consularibus 1
COS consulatuum 1
COS consulibus! 1
COS consusl 1
COS Cosmus 1