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The abbreviation cluster D D for decreto decurionum occurs 799 times.

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All solutions for the abbreviation cluster D D
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated word cluster Frequency
D D decreto decurionum 799
D D donum dedit 602
D D donum dederunt 94
D D dedit dedicavit 54
D D D D 30
D D dare debeto 30
D D dono dedit 27
D D decurionum decreto 24
D D Dextra decumanum 24
D D donum dat 19
D D dederunt dedicaverunt 14
D D domus divinae 14
D D dare debebit 11
D D duorum Domitiorum 8
D D dono dederunt 7
D D dextra decumani 6
D D donum dant 6
D D dare debeat 5
D D donis donato 4
D D dare damnas 3
D D decretum decurionum 3
D D dedit dedicavitque 3
D D die depositionis 3
D D dis deabusque 3
D D donis donatus 3
D D damnas damnates 2
D D dare debento 2
D D dat dedicat 2
D D Deae Dianae 2
D D decurionum decretis 2
D D decurionum decretum 2
D D dedi dedicavi 2
D D deposita die 2
D D depositus die 2
D D domino nostro 2
D D dari debebit 1
D D dato dedicavit 1
D D dato dedit 1
D D datum donatione 1
D D datus decreto 1
D D dcreto decurionum 1
D D De dei 1
D D Deabus Domesticis 1
D D deae Diae 1
D D Deae Dominae 1
D D decrecto decurionum 1
D D decreto decrionum 1
D D decreto decruionum 1
D D decreto decuriorum 1
D D decreto decuruionum 1
D D dedicationem decurionibus 1
D D Deo D 1
D D Deo Domestico 1
D D deo domino 1
D D depositio die 1
D D die decimo 1
D D dierum decem 1
D D Dis deabus 1
D D domini dei 1
D D dominis duabus 1
D D dominus dedit 1
D D Domum dei 1
D D domus divina 1
D D donat dedicat 1
D D dono dant 1
D D dono datus 1
D D donum datum 1
D D Donum datus 1
D D donum dedi 1
D D donum dedicaverunt 1
D D donum dedicavit 1