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The abbreviation cluster D M for decrevit Marcus occurs 1 times.

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All solutions for the abbreviation cluster D M
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated word cluster Frequency
D M Dis Manibus 22310
D M dolo malo 35
D M D M 11
D M Deo Mercurio 11
D M Domino Marti 6
D M Deo Marti 4
D M decurio municipii 3
D M Dis Manbius 3
D M Decimi M 2
D M decurio Marcus 2
D M decurioni municipii 2
D M Deo Maximo 2
D M Deo Mithrae 2
D M Dis Manibsu 2
D M Dis Mnibus 2
D M dolus malus 2
D M adnepoti Marco 1
D M bene merenti 1
D M D milia 1
D M dat meritae 1
D M de me 1
D M Decimus M 1
D M decrevit Marcus 1
D M dedicavit municipium 1
D M Deo M 1
D M deo Magno 1
D M deorum Magnae 1
D M depositus mense 1
D M deum Magnae 1
D M Deum Matri 1
D M deum Matris 1
D M Dia Manibus 1
D M Dids Manibus 1
D M die mensis 1
D M diem menses 1
D M Diis Manibus 1
D M Dis Manbus 1
D M Dis Manibbus 1
D M Dis Marci 1
D M Dis Masnibus 1
D M divi Marci 1
D M dolum malum 1
D M domina mea 1
D M dominae meae 1
D M domino meo 1
D M Domino Narco 1
D M dominum meum 1