The abbreviation cluster D N for Domini nostri occurs 164 times.

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All solutions for the abbreviation cluster D N
Abbreviation cluster Abbreviated word cluster Frequency
D N Domino nostro 586
D N Domini nostri 164
D N dominus noster 58
D N Dominis nostris 31
D N dies numero 12
D N domini numero 10
D N dominae nostrae 8
D N dominorum nostrorum 7
D N de numero 4
D N diebus numero 4
D N Dis Manibus 4
D N domina nostra 4
D N devotus numini 3
D N Domino nostri 3
D N dominum nostrum 3
D N D N 1
D N Dis >M=N>anibus 1
D N divini numinis 1
D N doimo nostro 1
D N domini nostris 1
D N domnio nostro 1
D N plus minus 1