Coverage for the Ancient World in general (for Egypt and the Nile Valley, click here)

Trismegistos has traditionally focused on Egypt and the Nile Valley, but is now expanding to the Ancient World (800 BC - AD 800) in general (see history). As this is a long term ambition, our coverage differs substantially from region to region and language to language. The Google charts below compare the current (7 December 2015) number of Trismegistos texts written or found in the various European and North African countries, with the figure for Italy (159,127).

The tables below provide estimations of the current coverage for published documents in various languages and scripts on which these figures are based.

Greek and Latin (800 BC - AD 800)

Language / Script / Genre Coverage of Trismegistos Texts (estimated)
Greek and Latin 'papyrology' almost 100%: all Egyptian material; mainly wooden tablets and the odd papyrus from outside Egypt
Greek epigraphy (West) almost all inscriptions from the modern continent of Africa west of Libya (ancient Cyrenaica); working towards a full coverage for the West outside Rome
Greek epigraphy (East) almost all of the Egyptian material; for outside Egypt, only a few entries from the Prosopographia Ptolemaica, some material in EAGLE partners, and most of the material from Macedonia
Latin epigraphy almost 100%

Local languages

Language / Script / Genre Coverage of Trismegistos Texts (estimated)
Etruscan almost 100% on the basis of Meiser's forthcoming second edition of Rix, Etruskische Texte
Italic languages almost 100% on the basis of Crawford, Imagines Italicae
Messapian almost 100% on the basis of Monumenta Linguae Messapicae
Celtiberian almost 100% on the basis of Hesperia
Iberian and related languages almost completely missing
Cuneiform completely missing (despite large numbers!)

For unpublished documents, our coverage approaches zero. We rely completely on published lists and partner projects.