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Milon praktor

TM Arch id: 141

Quick facts
bilingual: Greek and Demotic
official archive
Found in: U02 - Apollonopolis (Edfu)

Protagonist: Milon, praktor of the temples in Apollinopolis Magna, including part of the archive of his predecessor Euphronios (Go to TM People)

Description: Found in a jar in Elephantine. A large part of the archive deals with an Egyptian priestly family in financial troubles. Part of their possessions are put up for sale because they could not pay some debts, which they had incurred as presidents of the temple of Edfu. most texts are official letters; there are contracts of surety, lists and other documents

Publication: P. Eleph. Gr.; P. Eleph. Dem.; P. Bürgsch.

Studies: Clarysse, The archive of the praktor Milon, in Vandorpe / Clarysse, Edfu, an Egyptian provincial capital in the Ptolemaic period, 2003, p. 17-27; Manning, Land and power in Ptolemaic Egypt, 2003, p. 83-85

Lists: Seidl, Ptolemäische Rechtsgeschichte, 1962, p. 45-46 no. 36b; Lüddeckens, LÄ VI, 1986, col. 877 (I)

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/141
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32 texts (of which 32 certain)

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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 5834 P. Eleph. Gr. p. 83 fr. 1 certain papyrus Greek BC 228 - 222 ((P03), year 2[.])
TM 43412 P. Bürgsch. 14 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 225 Nov 14 (P03, year 23, Thoth 28; date of contract)
b: BC 225 Nov 14 (P03, year 23, Thoth 28; date of subscription)
TM 44568 P. Eleph. Dem. 9 certain papyrus Demotic BC 225 - 221 about
TM 5841 P. Eleph. Dem. 7 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek BC 224 May 2 (P03, year 23, Phamenoth 17)
TM 5842 P. Eleph. Gr. 8 certain papyrus Greek BC 224 Oct 18 - 223 Oct 17? (P03)