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Psenenoupis son of Horos

TM Arch id: 491

Quick facts
bilingual: Demotic and Greek
private archive
Found in: U04a - Pathyris (Gebelein)

Protagonist: Psenenoupis son of Horos

Studies: Vandorpe / Waebens, Reconstructing Pathyris’ archives, 2010, p. 197 no. 52

Lists: Seidl, Ptolemäische Rechtsgeschichte, 1962, p. 31 no. 9; Lüddeckens, LÄ VI, 1986, col. 878 (III. B)

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/491
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Chronological overview
TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 232 BGU 3 993 certain papyrus Greek a: BC 127 Jan 9 (P08, year 43, Choiak 18; date of contract)
b: BC 127 Sep 10 (P08, year 43, Mesore 22; date of tax receipt)
TM 497 P. Ryl. Dem. 31 certain papyrus Demotic BC 119 Sep 22 - 118 Sep 21 (P08, year 52)
TM 501 P. Ryl. Dem. 18 + P. Ryl. Gr. 2 250 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 117 Oct 4 (P08, year 54, Thoth 14; date of the contract)
b: BC 117 Nov 4 (P08, year 54, Phaophi 15; date of the receipt)
TM 496 P. Eheverträge 42 + P. Ryl. Dem. 27 + Life in a multi-cultural society p. 13 [10999] descr. uncertain papyrus Demotic BC 108 - 101 (P09 K3 or P10 K3)