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Heroninos, estate manager

TM Arch id: 103

Quick facts
private: professional archive
Found in: 00b - Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit)
AD02 AD03
Also called archive of Heroninus; Heroneinos

Protagonist: Heroninos was an estate-manager (phrontistes) in Theadelpheia from September 249 to summer 268. The owner of the estate was Aurelius Appianus. (Go to TM People)

Description: Mainly business correspondence and accounts, dated between AD 249 and 268. Heroninos was an estate-manager (phrontistes) in Theadelpheia from September 249 to summer 268. The owner of the estate was Aurelius Appianus (attested from 231 to about 259), who was succeeded by his daughter Diodora ca. 260. By 290 the estate had returned to the crown. Diodora was married to Antonius Philoxenos, who also plays a role in the archive. The estates of Appianus in the Arsinoites nomos stood under the direction of Alypios, who as the direct superior of Heroninus, is one of the main figures in the archive. The neighbouring phrontis of Euhemeria was directed by Eirenaios, a colleague of Heroninus, from 247 to 259.

Publication: very dispersed, though nearly half are first edited in P. Flor. 1-3

Studies: guide to the archive : http://www.accademiafiorentina.it/?pg=sp_hero ; Pintaudi, ZPE 20 (1976), p. 233-248; Rathbone, Economic rationalism and rural society, 1991; Kehoe, Management and investment on estates in Roman Egypt during the early empire, 1992, p. 92-117; Ferro, I rendiconti dell'archivio di Heroneinos, in Anal. Pap. 6 (1994), p. 37-51; France, Theadelpheia and Euhemereia, unpubl. diss. Leuven, 1999, p. 154; Husson, Pap. Congr. XXIII (Vienna 2001), 2007, p. 295-299; D. Rathbone : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/9781444338386.wbeah07043/full; Vandorpe in A Blackwell companion to Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt, 2019, p. 275-276

Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 256 no. 57; p. 577 no. 23; Seidl, Rechtsgeschichte Ägyptens als römischer Provinz, 1973, p. 69-70 no. 3.1

Works: Dominic Rathbone and Rosario Pintaudi prepare a ‘Guide to the Heroninos archive’ with the help of Antonio López García (Filemaker Database). Many texts are still unpublished.

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/103
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618 texts (of which 442 certain, 13 uncertain, 3 erroneous, 160 related)

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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 11601 P. Laur. 2 35 Ro related papyrus Greek AD 95 May 9
TM 44317 SB 26 16476 related papyrus Greek AD 98 - 117 (Traianus, year 02)
TM 28947 P. Prag 2 129 related papyrus Greek AD 100 - 199
TM 28761 P. Laur. 1 8 related papyrus Greek AD 100 - 125
TM 92378 Analecta Papyrologica 18 - 20 (2006-2008), p. 83-87 no. 1 related papyrus Greek AD 100 - 199 (year 15, Pharmouthi)