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Satabous son of Herieus

TM Arch id: 151

Quick facts
bilingual: Greek and Demotic
private: family archive (2 or 3 generations) (including 2 lawsuit dossiers)
Found in: 00a - Soknopaiou Nesos (Dimeh)
BC01 AD01
Also called archive of Nestnephis law suit

Protagonist: Satabous son of Herieus (Go to TM People)

Description: Dossier concerning Satabous son of Herieus, containing papers on two lawsuits. One opposes Satabous to Nestnephis and deals with a house and psilos topos in Soknopaiou Nesos. The other is between Satabous and Harpagathes concerning a loan. Besides petitions, the archive contains copies of official letters, title deeds, a court proceeding and an oath. Satabous is also ‘scribe of the priests’, but it is uncertain if texts written by him can be attributed to the archive. Schentuleit (CdE 82 (2007), p. 118-125) offers a list of all texts mentioning members of the family, but not all of these belong to the archive; her no. 48-57 have not been included here because they are apparently not part of the same group.

Publication: SB 1 5231-5240; 5275; SB 10 10308; CPR 15 5; 11; P. Lond. 2 262; 276; 355; Chrest. Mitt. 68; 181; P. Vind. Sal. 3; 4

Studies: Hoogendijk, Het ‘Nestnephis-proces’, Hermeneus 66 (1994), p. 255-262; Schentuleit, Satabus aus Soknopaiou Nesos, CdE 82 (2007), p. 101-125 (with a list of documents on p. 118-125); Rupprecht, Symposion 1999, Akten der Gesellschaft für griechische un hellenistische Rechtsgeschichte, 2003, p. 481-492

Works: A new edition is being prepared by Maren Schentuleit.

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/151
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70 texts (of which 42 certain, 9 uncertain, 19 related)

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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 99471 O. Dime 1 157 related pottery Demotic BC 25 - AD 175
TM 109340 P. Dime 3 36 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek BC 20 Jan 24 (Augustus, year 10, Tybi 29)
TM 100257 P. Dime 2 44 related papyrus Demotic BC 12 Apr 26 (Augustus, year 18, Pachons 01; date mentioned: year 18 Pharmouthi 2[4] - Pachons 03 = BC 012 Apr 19 - 28)
TM 100267 P. Dime 2 56 related papyrus Demotic / Greek BC 11 Sep 25 (Augustus, year 20, Thoth 28; date mentioned: year 20 Thoth 01 - 28 (= BC 11 Aug 29 - Sep 25))
TM 47530 P. Dime 2 57 related papyrus Demotic / Greek BC 10 May 2 (Augustus, year 20, Pachons 07; cf. P. Dime 2, 2006, p. 194 (correcting ZÄS 129); date mentioned: year 20 Thoth 28 - Pachons 07 (= BC 11 Sep 25 - 10 May 2))