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Zenon son of Agreophon

TM Arch id: 256

Quick facts
bilingual: Greek, 10 Demotic and 14 bilingual Greek-Demotic
private: professional archive
Found in: 00a - Philadelpheia (Gharabet el-Gerza)

Protagonist: Zenon was at first the private secretary of Apollonios the dioiketes and later the manager of an estate of Apollonios in Philadelpheia. Here he also became a well-to-do businessman. (Go to TM People)

Description: letters, petitions, accounts; a few fragments of literature

Studies: Pestman e.a., A guide to the Zenon archive (P. L. Bat. 21), 1980; Orrieux, Zénon de Caunos, parépidèmos, et le destin grec, 1985; Clarysse / Vandorpe, Zénon, un homme d'affaires grec à l'ombre des pyramides, 1995; Vandorpe in A Blackwell companion to Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt, 2019, p. 273-275

Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 248 no. 1; Seidl, Ptolemäische Rechtsgeschichte, 1962, p. 34-43 no. 19; Lüddeckens, LÄ VI, 1986, col. 883 (IX. H)

Works: New editions, addenda and corrigenda to the texts of the Zenon archive: PDF (last update: July 31, 2023)

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/256
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1848 texts (of which 1824 certain, 16 uncertain, 4 erroneous, 4 related)

(source limitations: -800 to 800)

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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 703050 P. Genova 4 159 related papyrus Greek BC 275 - 225
TM 2439 PSI 7 863 l erroneous papyrus Greek BC 275 - 225 (P02, year 03)
TM 663 P. Cairo Zen. 1 59001 uncertain papyrus Greek BC 274 Dec 4 - 273 Jan 1 (P02 (EP), year 12, Peritios)
TM 2440 PSI 7 863 m erroneous papyrus Greek BC 265 Jun 7? (P02, year 21, Daisios 08; cf. ZPE 107 (1995), p. 120)
TM 2356 P. Col. Zen. 2 118 b certain papyrus Greek BC 263 - 229 (P02 or P03)