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Osoroeris son of Horos, mortuary priest

TM Arch id: 50

Quick facts
bilingual: Demotic and Greek
private: family archive
Found in: U04b - Memnoneia - Djeme (Thebes west)
BC02 BC01
Also called archive of Choachytai of the Memnoneia; Choachytes of Thebes

Protagonist: Osoroeris (Go to TM People)

Description: Osoroeris, son of Horos, was a choachyte-priest in the Memnoneia. His archive is linked with the archive of Panas, son of Pechtes (TM ArchID 364), another member of his family. Choachytes were libation pourers to whom the deceased bodies were entrusted; they were also responsible for food offerings. The archive belonged to two generations of choachytes: Horos II, and after the latter’s death in 111 BC, his eldest son Osoroeris. Horos and Osoroeris also kept documents from other family members: Horos’ brother Hasos I; Horos’ wife Sachperis I; Horos’ son Chapochrates; Osoroeris’ brother Nechtmonthes and Osoroeris’ daughter Sachperis. Most of the texts in this archive are sale and inheritance documents mainly for liturgies, but it also contains some sales related to other property. It also contains a professional document on the association of the choachytes. The archive also preserved seven petitions and lawsuit dossiers. The most importante lawsuit contains the Hermias-case, in which the Greek Hermias claimed the house of the choachytes, because in his view, it had belonged to his deceased father Ptolemaios. The case can be broken down in seven phases. The archive contains some private documents as well. At last there are left a few problematic documents because they are rather expected to belong to other choachyte families.

Publication: UPZ 2 160-193; P. Tor. Choach.

Studies: Pestman, P. Survey, 1993

Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 250 no. 13c-d; Seidl, Ptolemäische Rechtsgeschichte, 1962, p. 21-25 no. 4; Lüddeckens, LÄ VI, 1986, col. 881 (IV. G)

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/50
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70 texts (of which 68 certain, 2 uncertain)

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TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 3564 P. Berl. Kaufv. 3114 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 182 Feb 3 (P06, year 23, Choiak 29; date of contract)
b: BC 182 Feb 3 ((P06), year 23, Choiak 29; date of receipt)
TM 2714 P. Berl. Kaufv. 3140 certain papyrus Demotic BC 182 Feb 3 (P06, year 23, Choiak 29)
TM 3565 P. Hermias p. 35-36 n. + UPZ 2 164 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 155 Sep 17 before ((P06), year [26], [ ]; date of contract; dated based on tax receipt)
b: BC 155 Sep 17 ((P06), year 26, Mesore 22; date of receipt)
TM 3566 P. Hermias p. 64-66 + UPZ 2 165 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 153 Jun 14 ((P06) K2, year 28, Pachons 18; date of contract)
b: BC 153 Sep 22 ((P06) K2, year 28, Mesore 28; date of receipt)
TM 3567 P. Schreibertrad. 56 + UPZ 2 166 a + P. Schreibertrad. 132 certain papyrus Demotic / Greek a: BC 153 Jun 14 ((P06) K2, year 28, Pachons 18; date of contract)
b: BC 152 Apr 6 ((P06) K2, year 29, Phamenoth 09; date of receipt)