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Descendants of Patrikios

TM Arch id: 65

Quick facts
private archive
Found in: Palestina - Nessana (Auja Hafir)
AD06 AD07

Protagonist: Patrikios

Publication: P. Nessana 44-47, 53

Lists: Montevecchi, La papirologia, 1988, p. 95 b

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Stable URI (with TM Arch ID): www.trismegistos.org/archive/65
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Chronological overview
TM number Publication Status Material Language Date
TM 21481 P. Ness. 3 44 certain papyrus Greek AD 598 Mar 22 - Aug 31 (year 493; Indictio 01)
TM 21482 P. Ness. 3 45 certain papyrus Greek AD 602 Mar 30 (year 662 (era of Gaza); Indictio 05, Xandikos 04)
TM 21483 P. Ness. 3 46 certain papyrus Greek AD 605 Aug 16 (Flavius Phokas, year 03; 500; Indictio 08, Loios 28)
TM 21484 P. Ness. 3 47 certain papyrus Greek AD 605 before?
TM 21485 P. Ness. 3 53 certain papyrus Greek AD 608?