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Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), 1 Esdras

TM Author id: 386 (Hieronymus)

more info: Perseus Catalog, Wikipedia, Pinakes, VIAF, Late Antique Historiography

lived AD 347 - 420names: Hieronymusethnic: of Strido / Stridonensis (TM Geo 51414)sex: manlanguage: Latingenre: theology, history, biography, epistolography
works not attested in TM Texts: Commentarii in Amos; Liber interpretationis Hebraicorum nominum; Praefatio in Pentateuchum; De situ et nominibus; Commentarii in Ioelem; Commentarii in Micheam; Commentarii in Naum; Commentarii in Malachiam; Liber collectaneus Winithari; Apologia prophetae David; Interpretationes nominum hebraicorum; Testamentum novum, Iohannes (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Epistula 3 Iohannis; Testamentum novum, Iudas (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Epistula Iudae; Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), 3 Maccabaei; Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), Susanna; Testamentum completum (Vulgata, Hieronymus), pandect; Vitae patrum sanctorum; De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis prolegomena; Onomasticon (Latin)

TM Authorwork id: 2898 (Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), 1 Esdras)

attestations in this work: TM Places (Egypt, 0), TM People (Egypt, 0)

written AD 391 - 406language: Latin

0 attestations of this work
0 direct attestations (filter), 0 other (filter)

Stable URI (with TM Authorwork ID): www.trismegistos.org/authorwork/2898
Selection: Testamentum vetus (Vulgata, Hieronymus), 1 Esdras (see entire workscloud for this author)

0 attestations of this work

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