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Apollodorus of Carystus, Opus incertum

TM Author id: 86 (Apollodorus of Carystus)

more info: Wikipedia, Perseus Catalog, TLG Canon (register)

lived BC 299 - 260 aboutnames: Apollodoros of Karystosethnic: of Carystus / Carystius / Karystios; worked in Athens / Atheniensis (TM Geo 1013)sex: manlanguage: Greekgenre: poetry comedy New

TM Authorwork id: 44 (Opus incertum)

attestations in this work: TM Places (Egypt, 0), TM People (Egypt, 0)

written BC 290 - 260language: Greek

1 attestations of this work
1 direct attestations (filter), 0 other (filter)

Stable URI (with TM Authorwork ID): www.trismegistos.org/authorwork/44
Selection: Opus incertum (see entire workscloud for this author)

1 attestations of this work

(manuscript limitations: -799 to 799)

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TM id Publication Material Language Date Written Reference Passage Type
TM 62570 BKT 5.2 p. 123-128 no. XX A papyrus Greek BC02 Egypt Apollodorus of Carystus, Opus incertum 1. Direct attestation
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