Lathcen, Moralia in Iob , ecloga

TM Author id: 511 (Lathcen)

more info: Wikipedia

lived AD 600 - 661language: Latin

TM Authorwork id: 3439 (Moralia in Iob , ecloga )

attestations in this work: TM Places (Egypt, 0), TM People (Egypt, 0)

written AD 600 - 661language: Latin

3 attestations of this work

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TM id Publication Material Language Date Written Reference TM Author id TM Authorwork id Passage Type
67326 Lowe, CLA 8 1185 parchment Latin AD08 Ireland Lathcen, Moralia in Iob , ecloga 5113439017 1. Direct attestation
67769 Lowe, CLA 11 1604 parchment Latin AD08 - AD09 France Lathcen, Moralia in Iob , ecloga 511343901-030 (excerpta Lathcen) 1. Direct attestation
66933 Lowe, CLA 6 763 parchment Latin AD08 - AD09 France Lathcen, Moralia in Iob , ecloga 5113439opus completum 1. Direct attestation
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