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Heraclides Lembus, Epitome of Aristoteles, Politeiai and Nomima barbarika

TM Author id: 2508 (Heraclides Lembus)

more info: Pinakes, Perseus Catalog, TLG Canon (register), Wikipedia, VIAF, Wikidata, CIRIS, TM Real

lived fl. BC 169 (often approximation)
ethnic: of Alexandria / Alexandrinus (TM Geo 100); of Callatis (TM Geo 977)
sex: man
language: Greek
genre: history, philosophy
biblio: RE Herakleides 51; EANS s.v. Herakleides of Kallatis, ‘Lembos’

Works not attested in TM Texts and only known from manuscripts postdating AD 800 or from references in other authors not yet processed in TM: Historiae.

TM Authorwork id: 5392 (Epitome of Aristoteles, Politeiai and Nomima barbarika)

more info: ToposText, Wikidata, TLG, TLG

attestations in this work: TM Places (Egypt, 0), TM People (Egypt, 0)

written BC 169 aboutlanguage: Greek

Stable URI (with TM Authorwork ID): www.trismegistos.org/authorwork/5392
Selection: Epitome of Aristoteles, Politeiai and Nomima barbarika (see entire workscloud for this author)

There are no attestations of this work in manuscripts or inscriptions pre-dating AD 800 (or quotes from them have not yet been processed by TM).