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Callimachus, Hymnus 1. In Iovem

TM Author id: 480 (Callimachus)

more info: Wikipedia, Pinakes, Perseus Catalog, TLG Canon (register), VIAF, Wikidata, CIRIS, VIAF

lived BC 310 - 240 about (often approximation)names: Kallimachosethnic: of Cyrene (TM Geo 1201)sex: manlanguage: Greekgenre: poetry hymn, epigram
Works not attested in TM Texts and only known from manuscripts postdating AD 800 or from references in other authors not yet processed in TM: Anthologia Graeca; Lyrica; Hymnus 5. In lavacrum Palladis; Diegeseis.

TM Authorwork id: 659 (Hymnus 1. In Iovem)

more info: ToposText, ToposText, ToposText, ToposText, ToposText, ToposText

attestations in this work: TM Places (Egypt, 0), TM People (Egypt, 0)

written BC 350 - 250language: Greek

3 attestations of this work
3 direct attestations (filter), 0 other (filter)

Stable URI (with TM Authorwork ID): www.trismegistos.org/authorwork/659
Selection: Hymnus 1. In Iovem (see entire workscloud for this author)

3 attestations of this work

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TM id Publication Material Language Date Written Reference Passage Type
TM 68731 PSI 15 1477 papyrus Greek AD02 Egypt Callimachus, Hymnus 1. In Iovem 01.32-41 1. Direct attestation
TM 59371 Norsa / Vitelli, Diegeseis di poemi di Callimaco papyrus Greek AD02 Egypt Callimachus, Hymnus 1. In Iovem 1. Direct attestation
TM 59424 P. Oxy. 20 2258 papyrus Greek AD06 - AD07 Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) Callimachus, Hymnus 1. In Iovem 01.53-60, 76-83 1. Direct attestation