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Search results for year 22 of Honorius and year 13 of Theodosius II

» 12 texts found:

Date Text Language Material Provenance TM tex_id
AD 413CIL VIII Suppl. 4 25837LatinstoneTunisia, Africa - Membressa (Medjez el-Bab) [found & written]200844
AD 413Inscriptions grecques et latines de la Syrie (IGLS) 2 269Greekstone?Syria, Haqla [found & written]760492
AD 413 Oct 7P. Oxy. 10 1322 descr.GreekpapyrusEgypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found & written]21810
AD 413 Dec 16P. Heid. Gr. 4 306GreekpapyrusEgypt, U19 - Oxyrynchos (Bahnasa) [found & written]21098
AD 414Marin e.a., Salona 4. Inscriptions 183Latinstone (limestone)Croatia, Illyricum - Salona (Solin) [found & written]182833
AD 414 (cf. EDR)Année épigraphique 1945 133Latinstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]263837
AD 414CIL VI.1 1703Latinstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]275320
AD 414CIL VI.1 1659 [b]Latinstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]280463
AD 414 (cf. EDB)ICUR N.S. 7 17547Latinstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]309317
AD 414 (cf. EDB)ICUR N.S. 1 1347Greekstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]297101
AD 414 (cf. EDB)ICUR N.S. 7 19864Greekstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]299230
AD 414 (cf. EDB)ICUR N.S. 7 17548Greekstone (marble)Italy, Latium - Rome [found & written]299523