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Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Antica

Università di Bologna
Dipartimento di Storia Antica
Via Zamboni, 38
40126 Bologna
Fax: +39 51 22 27 06

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TM number Collection Material Language Century Publication
TM 63778 Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Antica ISA 1 papyrus Greek AD03 SB 18 13736
TM 140538 Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Antica ISA 3 papyrus Greek BC01 - AD01 Pap. Congr. XXIII (Vienna 2001) p. 513-524
TM 244465 Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Antica laboratorio epigrafico number unknown stone Latin AD01 Supplementa Italica 10 [p. 33-59] 1


- ISA, number 1





The texts will be edited and put on the web together with the papyri of the Biblioteca Universitaria.



Four documentary texts, all in Greek. P.Bon.ISA 1 (a list of rivers with tachygraphic notations) come from a private collection in Bologna, possibly purchased in 1930, at the same moment and from the same dealer as the P.Bon. (see Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria ); its verso contains a tachygraphic commentary arranged in tetrads. The other three papyri were acquired from the antiquities market in 1974, They are all from the Roman period and remain unpublished.