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Copenhagen, Institute for Greek and Latin

University of Copenhagen
Institute for Greek and Latin
Njalsgade 92
DK-2300 København S

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Stable URI (with TM Coll ID): www.trismegistos.org/collection/105

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[07.02.27] - now transferred to Carlsberg collection
- P. Haun., numbers from 1 till 401
- P. Haun. Dem., number 2
- P. Haun. Lat., number 1
- P. Oxy., numbers from 1 till 3


The papyri are now preserved together with those of the Carlsberg Collection, but they retain their original inventory numbers (email Kim Ryholt 2014_01_11).


A handwritten inventory exists.


P.Haun. I-III


P.Haun. inv. 407 is a long land survey (16 columns) from late second cent. BC Edfu. Publication is being prepared by Thorolf Christensen (Cambridge)


Sappho fr. 98a LP (inv. 301) [ LDAB 3903 ] ( http://adam.igl.ku.dk/~bulow/P301.jpg )


P.Oxy., P.Fayum, and / or P.Hibeh (cf. Coles, Location-list, 1974) P.Haunienses The origins of the collections come from the purchases by Pedersen. In 1922 the collection was transferred to the Institute. Afterwards more purchases were made. See P.Haun I, introduction.