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Cologne, Dombibliothek

Erzbischöfliche Diözesan- und Dombibliothek Köln
Kardinal-Frings-Straße 1-3
50668 Köln

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Stable URI (with TM Coll ID): www.trismegistos.org/collection/697

11 inventory number(s) (limited to -800 to 800) undo date limitation

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TM number Collection Material Language Century Publication
TM 67304 Cologne, Dombibliothek without number parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1164
TM 67296 Cologne, Dombibliothek 103 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1158
TM 69085 Cologne, Dombibliothek 116 parchment Latin AD08 Cologne, Dombibliothek inv. 116 ined.
TM 67297 Cologne, Dombibliothek 165 parchment Latin AD07 - AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1159
TM 67298 Cologne, Dombibliothek 166 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1160 + Ippolito, Marii Victorini explanationes in Ciceronis rhetoricam (Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina 132) p. xxxvii-xxxviii (ms. D)
TM 67299 Cologne, Dombibliothek 210 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1161
TM 67302 Cologne, Dombibliothek 212 parchment Latin AD06 - AD07 Lowe, CLA 8 1162
TM 67303 Cologne, Dombibliothek 213 parchment Latin / Old High German AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1163
TM 67286 Cologne, Dombibliothek 43 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1148
TM 67291 Cologne, Dombibliothek 76 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1153
TM 67295 Cologne, Dombibliothek 98 parchment Latin AD08 Lowe, CLA 8 1157


- without prefix, numbers from 35 till 213