TM number: 24

P. Adler Dem. 3

Trismegistos nr: 24
Publication: P. Adler Dem. 3 (Griffith, Francis Llewellyn; 1939; transcription, translation, image)
Other publications:
Inventory: Copenhagen, Carlsberg Papyrus Collection pap. 849 Vo
Other inventory nrs: formerly London, Private collection Adler Dem. 3
formerly Oslo, Private collection Schøyen number unknown
Related inv. inf.:
Material: papyrus
Material form:
Ro/Vo: Vo
Back (related):
Reuse Type: reuse of blank side of:
Reuse Detail: P. Adler Dem. 1
Language/script: Demotic
Language detail:
Type: contract loan (wheat)
Date: BC 116 Sep 21 - 115 Sep 20 ((P09 K3), year 02)
Provenance: Egypt, U04a - Pathyris (Gebelein) [found]
Egypt, U04a - Pathyris (Gebelein) (?) [written]
Note: perhaps to be joined with P. Adler Dem. 1 (Ro)