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Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Texts (DAHT)

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TM number: 55971

Through a cooperation between the project "A Codicological and Sociolinguistical Study of Literary and Subliterary Texts in Ancient Egypt" (Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders; Mark Depauw), the DAHT and the Leuven Database of Ancient Books, further information can be found at the website of the LDAB for this entry; click here.

P. Tebt. Tait 18

Trismegistos nr: 55971
Publication: P. Tebt. Tait 18 (Tait, W. John; 1977; transcription, translation, image)
Other publications:
Inventory: Oxford, Sackler Library, Papyrology Rooms EES Box 24 without number [18]
Other inventory nrs:
Related inv. inf.:
Material: papyrus
Material form:
Ro/Vo: Ro
Back (related): blank
Reuse Type:
Reuse Detail:
Language/script: Demotic
Language detail:
Type: scientific, medical, prescriptions
Date: AD 175 - 225 (cf. P. Tebt. Tait, p. 61)
Provenance: Egypt, 00c - Tebtynis (Umm el-Baragat) [found & written]
Note: red ink rubrics at the beginning of two prescriptions


  1. Lüddeckens, in: LÄ IV, 1982, 750-898, esp. p. 860 (description)
  2. Westendorf, Handbuch Medizin, 1999, esp. p. 58 (description)