How to search the online Demotistische Literaturübersicht?

How to search the online Demotistische Literaturübersicht?

General Remarks

  1. A wildcard character is added automatically before and after your search string, to facilitate searching.
  2. Quotation marks should not be used, since these cause technical problems. They are used in the following to mark the search string.
  3. Capitals are not distinguished from small letters.
    A search for "hou" equals one for "Hou" and vice versa.
  4. Accents and most other diacritic signs are optional and are in the best scenario neglected. Less commonly used ones will occasionally have a negative effect on the desired search result.
    All "ë", "ê", "è", "é" in the search string are automatically converted to "e"; the same holds true for vowels "a" (including "ã" and "å"), "i", "o" (including "ø") and "u". A search for e.g. "démot" finds both "demotic" and "démotique".
    Similarly "ç" is converted to "c", "æ" to "ae", and "ñ" to "n".
    A search for "ß" is automatically converted to "s", but a search for "ss" does find "ß".
    Search strings with other diacritic signs should be avoided: "œ" should be entered "oe", "ý" as "y", "š" as "s", "č" as "c" etc. Thus only a search for "Cerny" (and not "Černý") will find the entries for Jaroslav Černý.


  1. Preferably only surnames (or part of them) should be searched for.
    If the first name is entered, the search string should take the form "Smith, M" or "Smith, M.". Paradoxically, for technical reasons "Smith, Mark" or "Mark Smith" will yield no results.
  2. If surnames only are entered, the bibliographical order is not relevant.
    A search for "Clarysse" will find all articles by Willy Clarysse, even those in which he is listed as second or third author.
  3. Preferably only a single surname should be searched for.
    For technical reasons, it is for the time being only possible to search for multiple authors in the exact bibliographic order, whereby the search string should take the form "Lippert, S. / S", "Lippert, S. / Schentuleit" or "Lippert, S. / Schentuleit, M.". A search for "Lippert Schentuleit" will give no results.

Title (and Journal/Series)

  1. Preferably use only a single word (or part of it) as your search string.
    To find Vleeming, Gooseherds of Hou the search strings "goose", "goosherds", or "gooseherds of hou" can be used, but not "gooseherds hou", since the latter yields no exact match.
  2. Spaces are taken into account, which can be useful to get rid of unwanted search results for short search strings
    A search for "Hou" will not only find Vleeming, Gooseherds of Hou, but also all articles in the Studies Quaegebeur, since that has the titel Egyptian Religion. The Last Thousand Years. A search for "Hou " only finds Vleeming, Gooseherds of Hou.


  1. Both abbreviations and full titles can be used, although in the latter case the above restrictions should be taken into account.
    The search strings "cde", "CdE", "CdÉ", "Chron", "Chronique", "chronique d'egyp" and "Chronique d'Égypte" find all articles published in the Chronique d'Égypte. A search for "chroneg" or "chronique egypte" will not yield any results. Our abbreviations are in most cases those of the Demotic Berichtigungsliste, although it might be better to use a single word of the full title as a search string when in doubt. A full list of our abbreviations will follow at a later stage.