TM Geo 11778

Egypt - 1st Upper Egyptian nome (Elephantine, Kom Ombo) (U01) - provincia: Aegyptus - located on U01 Elephantine (TM Geo 621)

Status sanctuary, building: hieron; per

Greek name(s): Χνουβιεῖον - Κνουφιδος ἱερόν - Ἄμμωνος ἱερόν
Egyptian name(s): Pr-H̱nm
Variants: Chnoubieion - Knouphidos Hieron - Per-Chnoum ('House / temple (of) Chnoum') - Ammonos Hieron

Biblio: Locher, Topographie Nilkatarakt, 1999, p. 36-40
Note: Ammonieio(u) in SB 1 5316, 4 is probably not the name of a temple, but a personal name (cf. Lanciers, BASP 52 (2015), p. 270 n. 25)

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