Genava (Genève)

TM Geo 20669

Switzerland (Gallia) - provincia: Narbonensis - modern region: Genève - located in the territory of Vienna (Vienne) (TM Geo 11826)

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Status village: vicus; statio

Latin name(s): Genava - Gennava
Ethnic(s): Genavensis
Modern name(s): Genève
Variants: Genava (Gennava - Genava Augusta) - Genève (Geneva)

Biblio: Inscriptions latines de Narbonnaise (ILN) 5.3, 2005, p. 200-319
Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 18 D3

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Chronological overview of the selected attestations
TM GeoRef Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
142542Espérandieu, Inscriptions latines de Gaule (Narbonnaise) (ILGN) 357, 1Genavae Aug(ustae)stone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Switzerland, Gallia - Genava (Genève) [found & written]
142555Année épigraphique 1991 1200, 1Genavae Aug(ustae)stone? Latin BC02 - AD08 Switzerland, Gallia - Genava (Genève) [found & written]
164566Inscriptions latines de Narbonnaise (ILN) 5.3 844, 5vicanis [Genavensi]busstone? Latin BC02 - AD03 Switzerland, Gallia - Bellerive [found & written]
164565Inscriptions latines de Narbonnaise (ILN) 5.3 843, 6vikanis Genavensibusstone Latin AD01 Switzerland, Gallia - Genava (Genève) [found & written]
154733Espérandieu, Inscriptions latines de Gaule (Narbonnaise) (ILGN) 363, 4 [b]stat(ionis) Gen(avensis)stone Latin AD01 - AD03 Switzerland, Gallia - Genava (Genève) [found & written]