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Egypt - 19th Upper Egyptian nome, Oxyrynchites (El-Bahnasa) (U19) - provincia: Aegyptus - in the U19 Apeliotou (eastern) toparchia; pagus 4 (admin.) - same as U19 Aba el-Waqf?

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Status village: kome; topoi

Greek name(s): Ὠφις
Egyptian name(s): Ỉp.t
Ethnic(s): Ophites
Variants: Ophis

Repertoria: Dizionario V, p. 182-183; p. 183; Suppl. 2, p. 248; Suppl. 3, p. 167; Suppl. 4, p. 147; Suppl. 5, p. 115; Pruneti, Ossirinchite, 1981, p. 227-228; p. 233; Benaissa, Oxyrhynchite nome, 2012(2), p. 445-448
Biblio: Gardiner, AEO 2, 1947, p. 112* no. 388A; Sijpesteijn, Aegyptus 66 (1986), p. 147; Vandorpe, Geografische elementen, 1988, p. 22 no. 2
Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 75 D3 (Ophis?)
Note: obsolete reading: Kaphis

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22432P. Lips. 1 112[written]papyrus Greek AD02 Egypt, U19 - Ophis [written]
Egypt, U19 - Oxyrynchites (?) [found]